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The sister Episcopal parishes of Northeast San Antonio, have discovered that walking the Journey of Holy Week, together, “side by side,” has somehow “freed the Spirit” among us. We have a new creative energy to collaborate and find, in the midst of our diversity, unity as the Body of Christ, not only through common worship, but in common mission. We welcome brothers and sisters from all backgrounds and traditions to join us, and further stretch and enrich our Holy Week Adventure. The Holy Week services have been shaped and handed down through the centuries and help us remember, contemplate, experience and celebrate the grace and mystery of the life, death and resurrection of Christ.

We hope you will join us for one or all of our Holy Week services in 2018.



 Wednesday, March 28 – Tenebrae Service at 7 pm at Church of the Resurrection

an Order of Service for Tenebrae

Thursday, March 29 – Maundy Thursday Agape Dinner and service at each of the Holy Week Journey Together churches

an order of service for Maundy Thursday  — Sermon from Maundy Thursday

Friday, March 30 – Stations of the Cross at 1:30 pm at the Bishop Jones Center of the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas

an order of service for Stations of the Cross

Friday, March 30 – Good Friday Eucharist at 7 pm at St. David’s Episcopal Church 

Saturday, March 31 –  Great Vigil of Easter at 8 pm at Church of Reconciliation


Tenebrae is a contemplative service, rife with symbols, shadows, and silence.

Maundy Thursday offers reflection on and participation in events from Jesus’ last night with his disciples.

Stations of the Cross is an offering of prayer as a series of stops associated with our Lord’s passion and death.

The Good Friday service commemorated Jesus’ arrest, his trial, his crucifixion, and his death and burial.

The Great Vigil is the first service of Easter Day.


Childcare will be provided at each of the Holy Week Journey Together services, except the Stations of the Cross.
Find us on facebook: Holy Week Journey Together


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